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In 1998 Maheen set up an Embroidery House, along with award winning costume designer, Diane Holmes in London. Together they have worked on embroidery for Catherine Walker’s seasonal collections, along with a number of other clients in the Fashion,Theartre and film industry.
“In 1998, I set up an embroidery house, along with an award-winning costume designer, Diane Holmes, In London. The film Jinnah was being shot in Karachi, and I was assigned to work with the Costume Designer who happened to be Diane Holmes. Diane left before the completion of the film. She rang asking; if I would like to work with her on a BBC project, the Aristocrats. We set up an Embroidery house together.” -Maheen Khan.

A proud moment for Maheen was being commissioned by Harrods, to make a replica of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s coronation dress for the 60th-anniversary celebrations. Harrods ultimately decided not to go with it, so she presented the sampler to the British High Commission in Karachi. Some of the work includes period embroidery for costumes/sets of theatre and Film productions in Europe and the U.K. U.S.A.

Maheen khan luxury pret

The years before had been my “education” in fashion. Not four years in a college but twelve years, learning on the job and discovering my own philosophy on fashion.-Maheen Khan

Khan started her career in the fashion industry as a designer in 1972 but there’s more to the story before that, ever since the entrepreneurial designer opened her first tailoring shop in the early seventies in Lahore titled The Seamstress, she has gone from strength to strength. At 26, Khan starts off stitching clothes for her friends and hasn’t looked back since. Within a year she has a tailor shop in her garage called “Seamstress”. With just Rupees 60,000 and a head full of ideas she launches the classic collection. Today she is better known as the doyenne of fashion in Pakistan, and recently dubbed the ‘Coco Channel of the East by the Italian press, Maheen has through the years made quite a name for herself internationally.

Today, more than twenty international shows and over thirty years later, she is a legend in the Pakistani fashion world. Through the years, Maheen has made quite a name for herself internationally.  In addition to dressing royalty and celebrities, she has affiliates and partners throughout the world. Along with award-winning London-based costume designer Diane Holmes, Maheen also runs an embroidery house that has created period embroidery for theatre production s in Europe and the UK. Her company’s impressive resume includes a multitude of productions such as Figaro for the Welsh National Opera and Mozart at the Royal Vienna Opera House, and embroidery for  the entire production costume and sets of  Oliver Stone’s epic film Alexander The Great.


When you call out the name “Rose” you think of Kate Winslet in Titanic, a blushing Elizabethean beauty and simply put, a damsel in distress. But translated to Urdu, “Rosa” becomes Gulabo and you’re immediately transported to a gutsy girl in colourful attire and an attitude to boot. The transformation is quite drastic. And that’s what the brand is about. Attitude.

Gulabo by Maheen Khan is a tribute to everything born and bred in Pakistan. From the pure honest truck art inspired motifs and patterns to Maheen’s portrayal of love for her country, Gulabo is steeped in modern desi culture. Aside from hip pret wear for the youth, the label also offers decorative items such as photo frames and accessories with the same theme.

Gulabo is widely available at multi-label stores throughout the country as well as at their flagship store in Clifton.

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